Air duct production line production common questions and answers

Frequent failure problems of CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machines are mainly used for cutting materials as rough machining equipment. During processing, the commonly used cutting methods include manual cutting, semi -automatic cutting and CNC cutting. Hand -cutting is flexible and convenient, but the hand -cutting quality is poor, the size error is large, the materials are wasteful, the subsequent processing workload is large, the working conditions are poor, and the production efficiency is low.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

In the semi -automatic CNC plasma cutting machine, the quality of the cutting machine is better. Because the cutting mold is used, it is not suitable for the cutting of the workpiece of single, small batch, and large -sized size. Although other types of semi -automatic cutting machines reduce the labor intensity of workers, their functions are simple, and they are only suitable for parts with more regular shapes.

functions of semi -automatic CNC plasma cutting machine

Compared with manual and semi -automatic cutting method, CNC cutting can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of sheet metal, and reduce the labor intensity of the operator. At present, some small and medium -sized enterprises in my country, even some large enterprises are more common in hand -cutting and semi -automatic cutting.

CNC cutting machines

At present, the use of steel in my country’s machinery industry has exceeded 3 million tons, and the cutting volume of steel is very large. With the development of the modern machinery industry, the requirements for cutting efficiency and quality of sheets have also continued to improve. Therefore, the market potential of CNC cutting machines is still very large, and the market prospects are more optimistic.

CNC cutting machines

When you look at the cooling water perforation and alarm of the problem of the problem, check the procedure when the alarm is sent to the alert, check the PHC alarm attempt to “along the road” distance to ensure that the steel plate is not in the air under the effective range of the cut nozzle, and then use it in the air, and then use it. Performing cutting check the air compressor host.

The pipeline production of air duct production line may have problems

The ventilation pipeline of the air duct production line is an important part of ventilation and air -conditioning systems, most of which are made of pipeline processing equipment (such as pipeline production line). However, due to various reasons, there may be pipelines that may cause pipeline processing equipment.

air duct machining equipment

1. Unqualified processing materials

(1) Performance: The surface of the sheet is uneven and the thickness is uneven. There are obvious recesses, cracks, blisters, scabs and rust. The plane of the air duct is sinking, and the sides of the air are protruding outward, and the deformation is obvious.

(2) Impact: During the operation, the air duct leakage, the increase in air conditioner load, and the life and performance of the wind were affected.

(3) Reasons: The materials are not qualified and cannot meet the needs of the blasting duct.

(4) Measures: Before using the air duct machining equipment to make the air duct, first check the material’s factory qualification certificate, material certificate and appearance thickness to ensure the availability of the material.

air duct machining equipment

2. The angle and elbow angle of the air duct production line are not allowed

(1) Performance: The rectangular air duct is two relative planes, and the two end faces are not parallel; the corners are not straight; the diagonal line is not equal; the mouth is not rigorous.

(2) Impact: It will make the air duct uniform connection, the air ducts are not straight after installation, the flanges are not tight, the system leaks, the air conditioning load loss, and the service life is shortened.

(3) Reason: The circuit board is inaccurate; the air duct is two or two parallel, and the length and width of the side plates are not equal.

(4) Measures: At the beginning, strictly control the strict angle of paper. The length, width and diagonal line of each piece of paper should be controlled to make the deviation within the allowable range; the cut paper should be overlapped with the two cardboard on the opposite side of the air pipe to check the size accuracy.

Therefore, in order to produce practical, durable and high -quality pipelines, fully prepare and operate preparation before and after the operation of the pipeline equipment to ensure complete safety.

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