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Auto Duct Line Ⅱ

The CNC Auto duct production line is a duct making line with the highest automation. The functions mainly include levelling, beading, notching, cutting, folding, bilaterally angle steel and so on. Duct Production Line has a very wide range of different lines that can be customized to suit the needs of the customer…


Auto Duct Line 2, Auto Duct Line Ⅱ

Auto Duct Production Line 2, Square Auto Duct Line Ⅱ, Rectangular Auto Duct Line 2

1, Technical sheets:

Model No. Max Coil Width Thickness Range Power  Speed Dimension Weight Diagonal Tolerance
PM2-1.2×1300  1300mm 0.4-1.2mm 10 0-15m/min 2*1.8*1.3m


3.5ton  ±0.5mm
PM2-1.2×1550  1550mm 0.4-1.2mm 11.5 0-15m/min 2*2*1.3m


4ton  ±0.5mm

2, Standard Features:

Compact Line II is with hydraulic punching square and notching.
The work flow: coil-straightening-beading-punching-notching-shearing


3, Products Features:

  • Automatic completion of flange plate and angle steel flange pipe material and joint bite
  • Has material saving mode and standard mode;
  • Max-working speed is 13m/min;length tolerance is +-0.5mm,diagonal tolerance is +-0.8mm
  • With the dual linkage flange plate machine, pneumatic folding machine efficient linear flange plate of the wind pipe production line;


4, Basic Equipment:

  • Amaterial frame(2coils;the max loading per coil is 7 tons)
  • Atransmission frame         ● A main machine         ●  A CNC system



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