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Handheld Laser Welder

  • 3-in-1 Laser Welding Cleaning Cutting Machine: uses continuous fiber laser as the light source.
  • Simple Operation: Zero Welding Experience 30 Minutes To Start
  • Handheld: Light And Flexible Any Welding
  • Smooth Welds: Beautiful Welds No Machining Required


Technical Specifications:

Power / Material Weld depth Stainless Steel Mild steel Galvanized Steel
500W 0.5-1mm 0.5-1mm 0.5-1mm
750W 0.5-1.7mm 0.5-1.32mm 0.5-1.2mm
1000W 0.5-2.7mm 0.5-2.0mm 0.5-2mm
1500W 0.5-3.6mm 0.5-2.7mm 0.5-2.8mm
2000W 0.5-4.6mm 0.5-3.6mm 0.5-3.5mm
3000W 0.5-7mm 0.5-5mm 0.5-5mm

Easy To Use

Independent research and development of the control system, set up a number of security alarms, smaller volume, flexible operation, easy to use, easy to move. A lightweight welder that is ideal for basic welding jobs at home or in the shop.

More Stable

All parameters are visible, real-time monitoring of the state of the machine, to avoid problems in advance, more convenient troubleshooting and solving problems, to ensure the stable work of the cleaning head.

Stable Parameters, High Repeatability

Determine the nozzle pressure and lens state, as long as the laser power is stable, the process parameters must be repeated. Greatly improve efficiency, but also reduce operator requirements


All parameters visible, more perfect cleaning quality, high melting depth.

High-Temperature Melting

This machine adopts the principle of high-temperature melting, which can clean the corrosion on metal surfaces extensively.

Seaworthy Packaging

It will be carried as a whole, with book for use and installation.

Laser Head

It has higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, better and more stable beam quality, stronger anti-high reaction ability, and introduces the optimized second generation fiber transmission system, which has obvious advantages over other similar types of lasers in the market.

Welding Head

Handheld laser welding machine, replace the previously fixed optical path with a handheld welding gun, welding in hand convenient, flexible welding distance is not subject to constraints.
Good beam quality, the high speed, small thermal deformation, high precision, highly integrated.


Focusing Lens, Reflective Mirrors, Motor, Collimating Lens, QBH Protective, Waterways 1 and 3,NO.2 Gas Path, Switch Button, Protective Lens

Control Panel

Equipped with professional welding software, mainlyfor distances and master pieces of laser welding; Small heat affected zone, deformation, black; Welding depth is big,strong; Meet the demand of various types of sheet metal welding.

Inner Components

No external cold water machine, equipment is small in size.

Mass Production

Sufficient stock, fast shipping, supply you with quick lead time.

Handheld Laser Welder  Handheld Laser Welder

Handheld Laser Welder  

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