Tips for using spiral duct fans making machine (spiral duct forming machine)

How to properly install spiral fans?

Proper installation and use of spiral fans can save energy and reduce installation costs. To save manpower and resources, the construction party of spiral air ducts is better able to calculate the length of spiral air ducts of various specifications. When calculating the length of the air duct, attention should be paid to subtracting the length of other pipe fittings, such as tees, air valves, elbows, etc.

There are many installation methods for spiral air ducts. When ordering, we need to first decide which method to use for connection, and then decide on the actual purchase. The specific connection methods include flange connection method and socket connection method. When using flange connection for installation, the size of the spiral air duct and accessories should be the same. For the socket test, the specifications of the accessories are smaller than those of the spiral air duct.

Spiral Duct Forming Machine

Therefore, we can calculate the accurate length of each specification of air duct and each type of spiral air duct without cutting the length during installation and construction. The basic requirement is to have sufficient temporary spiral air duct joints. The air duct accessories, components, and all welded joints of the system need to be tight. The inner surface of the spiral air duct should be smooth. Splicing joints and reinforcement devices are strictly prohibited in the pipeline.

The distance between pipeline flanges, flange bolts, and rivet holes on the production line of spiral air duct enterprises shall not exceed the millimeters specified in this standard. The non fixed screw holes welded by spiral duct companies have obvious compatibility. Stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and composite steel pipe, stainless steel plate and aluminum plate air duct surface have no obvious defects, and composite steel pipe surface has no defects such as damage.

The spiral air duct needs to be tight, uniform in width, and free from defects such as half bite holes and expansion cracks. The appearance of spiral air ducts with staggered straight and longitudinal seams is relatively flat.

How to reduce material waste in production?

1. The air hvac duct pipe prohvac duct pipeion line can be defined as a process where the entire process of air hvac duct pipe forming is completed independently by a single machine.

2. Before making air hvac duct pipes, it is necessary to carefully understand the structure and specifications of the hvac duct pipes on the drawings, in order to avoid unnecessary waste during sheet cutting, which is also a key step in reducing losses.

3. Organize and unify the prohvac duct pipeion of opposite sex air hvac duct pipes, and try to make opposite sex air hvac duct pipes as much as possible first. This can apply all the remaining large-sized plates in the prohvac duct pipeion of opposite sex air hvac duct pipes to the subsequent straight pipes.

4. When connecting air hvac duct pipes, the distance should be as large as possible, especially for small branch pipes, which can be processed according to the length of the board. This can save waste of auxiliary materials for air hvac duct pipes and accelerate the progress of air hvac duct pipe prohvac duct pipeion.

5.The leftover materials generated during the sheet cutting process should be applied as much as possible above the air hvac duct pipe, and the upper surface can be used as long as it does not affect the air hvac duct pipe itself due to its concealment.

Precautions for mechanical plate sheet rolling machine in air duct production line

1. Operators of the air duct production line need to be familiar with the structure, function, and utilization of the rolling machine, and can only operate with the permission of the dedicated management personnel.

2. Before starting the machine, carefully check if the safety devices are complete.

3. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to place feet or feet on the roller and transmission components and workpieces.

4. After a break, the clutch should be set to neutral.

5. Multi person collaborative homework requires a dedicated person to give instructions.

6. Overloading is strictly prohibited.

7. The tilting and resetting of the lifting and overturning bearings of the upper roll air duct production line and the misalignment of the upper roll must be carried out after the main drive stops.

8. Avoid cluttering workpieces and debris in the work area, and ensure that the machine tool and the area are clean at all times.

9. After completing the homework, the power should be cut off and the power box of the air duct production line should be locked.

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