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What is an air duct?

Air ducts mainly refer to the ventilation ducts of air conditioning systems, which are often overlooked but are an important component of the air conditioning system. Air ducts are made of thin steel plates, aluminum plates, hard polyvinyl chloride plates, fiberglass, and other composite materials, and are a general term for various pipelines used to transport air and air mixtures.

Spiral Duct Forming Machine

1. According to the material, it can be divided into metal air ducts and non-metallic air ducts. Among them:

(1) Metal air ducts can be divided into: steel plate air ducts, aluminum plate air ducts, stainless steel air ducts, etc;

(2) Non metallic air ducts can be divided into: hard polyvinyl chloride air ducts, organic glass air ducts, inorganic glass air ducts, fiberglass air ducts, and other composite material air ducts;

2. According to the shape of the air duct, it can be divided into circular air duct and rectangular air duct;

3. According to the working pressure of the ventilation and air conditioning system, it can be divided into three categories: high-pressure air duct, medium pressure air duct, and low-pressure air duct, as shown in the table:

What are the common specifications of air ducts?

  • Circular duct specifications
  • Rectangular duct specifications
What are the main machines?

Mechanical equipment:

Shearing machine, vibration shearing machine, electric shear, manual square bending machine, three roll circular rolling machine, combined punching and shearing machine, flange circular rolling machine, box type combined single flat biting machine, hand shear, round bend biting machine, double purpose machine for pressing steel bars and gaps, strip forming machine, electric riveting gun, electric welding machine, electric angle grinder, bench drill, grinding wheel cutting machine, hand electric drill, punching machine, air compressor and paint spray gun, etc.

The double-sided aluminum foil insulation board air duct also requires the following tools: male and female knives, round hole drilling knives, moon knives, electric irons, manual slotting tools, binding tools, etc.

Measurement and inspection tools:

Vernier scale, steel ruler, steel tape, vernier angle gauge, internal caliper, air leakage test device, etc.

Note: With the development of science and technology, there are more and more types and models of construction machinery. The allocation of construction machinery should be reasonable based on the nature of the project, construction conditions, and design drawings.

Equipment entering the construction site must undergo inspection, acceptance, and regular maintenance.

The characteristics of spiral air ducts

Due to the susceptibility of iron sheet to chemical reactions in various environments, it can cause corrosion and rusting. And zinc hardly changes in dry air. In humid air, dense basic Zinc carbonate film will be formed on the surface of zinc.

The spiral air duct is mainly coated with a layer of zinc on the iron sheet of the air duct, which plays a protective role on the iron sheet. The zinc coating can significantly improve its protective and decorative properties after passivation treatment, dyeing, or coating with protective agents.

Spiral ducts have the following characteristics:

1. Smooth appearance, without zinc nodules or burrs, showing a silver white color;

2. Easy installation with few connection points;

3. Low ventilation resistance and low ventilation noise;

4. Good strength and rigidity;

5. The thickness is controllable, ranging from 5 to 107 μ Any selection within m;

6. No hydrogen embrittlement, no temperature hazard, which can ensure that the mechanical properties of Strength of materials remain unchanged;

7. Can replace some processes that require hot-dip galvanizing;

8. Good corrosion resistance, neutral salt spray test for 240 hours;

9. It is completed using hot dip galvanizing method and is suitable for various strong corrosive environments such as acid and alkali mist;

10. We can design and customize various specifications of air ducts according to customer requirements.

Compared with traditional white iron pipes made by hand, the mechanical spiral air duct has the following advantages:

1. Good sealing performance.

2. Both strength and rigidity are good.

3. Low ventilation resistance, low ventilation noise, and circular pipes superior to square pipes.

4. Easy installation with few connection points.

5. High grade, beautiful appearance.

The installation of spiral air ducts significantly reduces the connection points between pipes, reducing the leakage at the junction of pipe fittings to a minimum. The typical length of spiral air ducts is 3-6m, while the typical length of rectangular air ducts is only 1-1.5m; And connecting two spiral air ducts only requires one pipe connector, while traditional rectangular air duct connections often require a completely independent double flange system.

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