What is the purpose of the spiral duct?

What is the purpose of the spiral duct?

The spiral duct is a device for making stainless steel ducts. The stainless steel duct, also known as the spiral seam thick wall air duct, was originally used for Western defense industry production, such as warships, fleet (air supply) system software, etc., and later used for commercial equipment such as trains, subway stations, and mines.

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According to the survey, the utilization rate of stainless steel air ducts in office buildings, large shopping malls, and subway stations reached 95.6%, and the central air-conditioning stainless steel air ducts of civil residential houses also reached 72.5%.

The manufactured spiral air ducts have good compatibility and high standardization; strong sealing; natural ventilation damage; low natural ventilation noise, and round steel pipes better than square steel pipes. Convenient factory inspection; balanced pressure (negative pressure) plan; saving raw materials; convenient installation, small connection function, small indoor space, low installation cost. The installation of the spiral fan is generally reasonable, beautiful and generous, and the level is high.

The spiral duct is conducive to daily maintenance and cleaning. The hydraulic radius of the road is small, the frictional resistance along the line is small, and the momentum loss of kinetic energy is small. All mechanical processing and manufacturing, one-time molding, no second production processing. Select fast flying scissors, high accuracy of the pipe diameter.

There are four ways: the variable diameter, the interconnection of the waterproof sleeve, the French disk interconnection and continuous interconnection. The spiral duct machine makes the installation more convenient. The insulation quality of the outer wall of the pipeline is better than a square duct.

The spiral duct must use a relative size of the tube of the stainless steel duct through each pipe. The commonly used tube molds are steel molds, which are stronger, durable and stable than aluminum mold casting. You should choose a full -automatic laser cutting system software with fast circular saws or turning laser cutting.

What areas of spiral ducts are widely used in which areas?

The spiral duct is a special pipeline for wind conveying systems, which has excellent air flow conveying capabilities and flexibility. It is widely used in many fields.

First, in the construction industry, the spiral duct machine is widely used in heating, ventilation and air -conditioning systems. It can effectively transport air cooling, heating and ventilation, and ensure the quality of indoor air. The spiral duct has a small wind resistance, can reduce energy consumption and noise, and improve the efficiency of the air -conditioning system. Therefore, in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, spiral ducts are widely used in the design and installation of wind conveying systems.

Secondly, the spiral air pipe machine is also widely used in gas transport in the process of industrial production. In many industrial production processes, gas needs to be transported to different process and equipment for processing or processing. The spiral duct machine can easily transport the gas to the target equipment and control and adjust according to needs. For example, in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing, spiral ducts are often used to transport gas fluids and make the production process more secure.

Spiral Duct Machine

In addition, spiral ducts are also widely used in the field of environmental governance. In the control of air pollution, the spiral duct machine can effectively transport and discharge exhaust gas to reduce the impact of pollutants on the environment. In the exhaust gas treatment system, the spiral duct can transport the exhaust gas to the processing equipment for treatment, such as separation, filtering or catalytic. In addition, in water pollution control, spiral ducts can also be used to transport wastewater and sludge to achieve effective sewage treatment and recycling.

In addition, in the agricultural field, spiral ducts are also widely used. In greenhouse planting, the spiral duct can transport the air in the greenhouse, provide appropriate temperature and humidity conditions, and promote plant growth and yield. In animal husbandry farming, spiral ducts can be used to supply ventilation and air disinfection of livestock, providing a good growth environment.

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In summary, spiral duct manufacturers are widely used in construction, industry, environmental governance, agriculture, and other special areas. Its excellent air flow transmission capacity and flexibility make it an important part of the wind conveying system, which can provide safe air conveyor solutions.

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